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Wonder Woman #222

Posted: Thursday, November 3, 2005
By: Michael Bailey

"Blood Debt"

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Cliff Richards (p), Ray Snyder (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: As the Air Force and Navy sit off the coast of Themyscira watching the Amazons, the Amazons prepare for war. Meanwhile, the Cheetah stalks Wonder Woman as she turns herself in for the murder of Maxwell Lord.

Commentary: Etta Candy! Yes! The return of Etta Candy. I am sure I am the only one who is even remotely excited about this, but just the same it is really neat to have her back in a small but interesting role.

Who knew that an issue focusing on Cheetah could be so interesting? Rucka did a great job in wrapping the story around her and her perceptions of Wonder Woman. My knowledge and experience with the character is limited, but I enjoyed what Rucka did with her just the same. He made her a compelling character and while the fact that she pretty much got herself into the situation based on her own character flaws makes a lot of what happened to Cheetah her own fault. I felt something for her just the same.

Rucka is still doing a good job playing out the ramifications of Wonder Woman's killing of Maxwell Lord. Having Wonder Woman turn herself in makes perfect sense for the character. This is an interesting trend in comics; having a major event happen and then actually exploring what it actually means to the characters and the world they inhabit. I liked the courtroom scene and look forward to seeing how this aspect of the story plays itself out.

The scenes on Themyscira and the air craft carrier were enjoyable as well. It was interesting to see how the military viewed the actions on Themyscira. That last page had all of the impact I think Rucka wanted it to have and it made for one of those great moments where the reader, or at least me as the reader, feels exactly what a character does. Seeing all of the O.M.A.C.s heading for Paradise Island was almost chilling and I am curious to see how the military is going to respond to them as well.

In The End: A great issue. I enjoyed the fight between Wonder Woman and Cheetah, but it would have been nothing without her inner dialogue. Like in Adventures of Superman, there is a lot going on in this book, but Greg is doing a great job of keeping everything interesting and going along smoothly. I am really interested in seeing how Wonder Woman is going to react to her confinement when she is told that Themyscira is being attacked.

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