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Teen Titans #28

Posted: Friday, November 4, 2005
By: Michael Bailey

"Legacy Part 2: Impure Thoughts"

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Rob Liefeld

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: The Teen Titans travel to Kestrel's dimension to retrieve the soul that he had stolen from Raven.

Commentary: Okay, more than that happened in this issue, but to go through everything piece by piece would have taken too long.

Despite a rather rushed feeling that I got when I made my first pass on this issue, I really ended up liking it on the second go round. I guess I'm not all that used to two issue storylines anymore in this day of four to six issue story arcs. It was actually kind of refreshing to have a two issue, nearly once and done story.

Gail continues using Robin as her emotional anchor to the story. I like her vision of Tim Drake and the way he relates to the rest of the Titans. The theme of family continued as well, and I really felt for Tim in the scene where Kestrel used the image of his father against him, though I liked the fact that he saw through it almost immediately.

Gail also did a good job of playing in the Titans playground. She brought the team together, again using the theme of family and while there wasn't all that much done with Hawk and Dove, the battle with Kestrel played out well. Kestrel was a really fun villain and while he did pose a threat, Gail managed to make him somewhat humorous as well.

The interaction between the members of the team was touching. Wonder Girl came off as tough but only when it was necessary. I liked the scene with her and Raven at the end of the story and thought that even though she isn't the normal writer on the series, it didn't feel that way. Gail understands the group, especially Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Robin and Beast Boy, which made, on the whole, for an uninterrupted flow in how the characters in the series are handled.

I continue to also be impressed with Rob Liefeld's artwork compared to his previous work. While it still had a very minimalist feel in regards to background, his anatomy has improved by leaps and bounds. Everyone, especially Robin, looked great. While it isn't Robin's normal uniform, Rob's detailing made for a nice visual. I was especially impressed with the end of the story and how much emotion Rob was able to put into the characters.

Oh, and Starfire looked really good. Or as good as an ink drawing can.

In The End: A nice little story. Gail wrote a two-parter that had a lot of heart to it. I liked the fact that she used Robin as the hook for her story and wouldn't mind to see her deal with the character in the future. Rob's art was really good. A lot of people bemoaned his involvement with this series, but I thought it worked out fine. Between his improvement with anatomy and the coloring, the book looked good, and while it didn't always match up to the emotional context of the story the art worked just the same.

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