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Looney Tunes #132

Posted: Saturday, November 5, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Tired and Tested"
"Tango Tangle"
"Droop Du Jour"

Writers: Various
Artists: Various
Publisher: DC

In "Tired and Tested," Earl Kress proves that Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers in the twenty fourth and a half century! can vie for being the worst captain in space against Zap Brannigan from Futurama. Ironically it's his more competent space cadet Porky Pig who dozes him into trouble.

While its very difficult for any artist to emulate or match Chuck Jones' brilliance, artists Neal Sternecky and Scott McCrae with colorist Dave Tanguay give a good essay. What they dream up are subtle moments confined within panels that create the illusion of animation. For instance, Porky Pig does not perform a wild take when he uncovers the mishap. His eyes bulge a little. His brow furrows, and his antenna quivers.

For "Tango Tangle" Scott Cunningham combines Bugs Bunny motifs to step into an original arena for a battle of wit against witless. He switches the cross-dressing formula, and uses Granny in a hilarious novel, cameo role.

Walter Carzon and Robert Torreiro dance around physics to provide slapstick comedy in the Warner Brothers' fine tradition. Dave Tanguay adds emotional reds to heighten the emotions brewing from the Carzon and Torreiro duet.

In a beautiful riff on a classic Porky and Daffy cartoon, Sholly Fisch--it's very nice to see him do a more meatier short--seats the mallard for a battle drawn from the strict letter of a code. Watching Daffy try Porky's patience for no reason and then earn his just comeuppance in a whole new looney way that brings to the table a surprise guest star brings out gut-busting laughs.

Carzon and Torreriero with the ever busy Tanguay offer the reader with taste meticulously timed sight gags that follow the flow of Porky's stewing. For this adventure in gustatation, they portray the pliable poultry with a smugness and indignance that offsets an incarnation that just may be one plate short of menu.

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