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Green Arrow #55

Posted: Thursday, November 10, 2005
By: Michael Bailey

"Heading into the Light Part Two: Cold Reflections"

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Ron Garney (p), Bill Reinhold (i)

"Heading into the Light Part Two: Cold Reflections"

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: Green Arrow and Black Lightning fall into a trap and have to battle Mirror Master and Killer Frost to get out of it. Meanwhile, Dr. Light stalks Mia Dearden, the new Speedy.

Commentary: Never let it be said that an issue that consists of super-heroes battling super-villains can't be entertaining.

While this did little to further the overall story, Judd Winick turned in a fun bust up between Black Lightning and Green Arrow. There was a lot of tense action, but enough happened that it didn't feel like the all-fighting, all-the-time this issue should have been. Winick has become one of the masters of the super-hero fight scene. It was impressive the way he choreographed the fighting and had the heroes switch dance partners midway through.

Winick gets a really bad rap among many of the comic fans I talk to, and I think a lot of it is undeserved. Sure I've had problems with some of his writing, particularly the early issues of his Outsiders run, but even there it is obvious that he has a lot of energy and feeling for the characters. I have a feeling that this storyline is going to get a lot better as it goes along.

In The End: Wow, what a creepy last page. Despite the heaviness of the action I really liked how this issue played out. Winick continues to write a great Green Arrow, and the art by Garney and Reinhold really made the action come alive on the page.

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