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G.I. Joe : Snake Eyes Declassified #3

Posted: Thursday, November 10, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Artist: Robert Atkins

Publisher: Devilís Due Publishing

Snake Eyes is trying to find himself. Heís lost his family and run around with a man that seemed to be helping him find a path, but that just ended up in disaster. Now he has arrived at his old friend Tommyís home, where he intends on training to become one of the Arashikage clan. This path, too, is fraught with peril.

Iím still enjoying this storyline. This chapter introduces the Arashikage clan, where Snake Eyes learns much of his ninja skills alongside his friend and future nemesis Tommy/Stormshadow. You also see the beginnings of the rift between the two that will come out more in the next issue. This is caused by the arrival of the Faceless Master, a mysterious ninja from the Koga clan. His motives are unknown, but his actions would suggest that he might be a Cobra agent, perhaps even Cobra Commander himself.

The art is just as solid as it has been throughout the series, with the occasional splash page for added impact. One particular thing to notice is how Snake Eyes is slowly growing into the more controlled, yet intense character that he will end up being in G.I. Joe, and how Tommy is slowly becoming Stormshadow.

As I mentioned above, Iím really enjoying this storyline. The pacing is just right, the art is solid, and the plot has a similar feel to that of Origin, Marvelís Wolverineís origin story. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

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