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Action Comics #833

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: John Byrne

Publisher: DC

While Lois continues to draw heat, the Queen of Fables awakens and is none too happy. Since being defeated by the Justice League, who placed her in the U.S. tax code manual, she has somehow escaped and now has her sights set on her own Prince Charming, Superman.

So the Queen of Fables has gone from hunting Wonder Woman to hunting Superman, in what basically is a Maxima story with magic interwoven. This issue was all build up, with the payoff hopefully coming next issue. There was, in fact, no dragon, as seen on the cover, only an ogre.

The art was good for the most part, with the Queen looking enough like she did in JLA to keep my mind on the story, and not pulled out by startling differences. Byrne’s no Hitch, mind you, in so much as Hitch’s fairy tale images were just amazing, but it is good enough here to keep me interested in finding out what’s going to show up next issue. My biggest complaint art-wise in this Simone/Byrne run is how Byrne has seriously de-aged Jimmy Olsen. Byrne’s Olsen from his days on Superman was older than this, and that’s dating back nearly twenty years ago. Jimmy has gone through some excellent growth and maturity throughout the years on the Superman titles, only to be forgotten and devolved in the past few years.

I really like that the Queen of Fables has been brought back, but I just hope that the next issue really cranks things up a notch when she starts bringing out the Kryptonian fables. One last thing to add would be that, when I made mention of Byrne using his Kryptonian style for the queen’s garb at the end as opposed to Waid’s Birthright style, Simone responded with “That was my request…wait and see!”.

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