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Vigilante #2

Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2005
By: Michael Bailey

"In Darkness Waiting"

Writer: Bruce Jones
Artist: Ben Oliver

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: The Vigilante visits Dr. Justin Powell and tells him of an attack that has not happened yet. Afterwards, Dr. Powell takes Dr. Rene Carpenter to dinner only to be interrupted by Dr. Carpenter's ex, Detective Sovereign. Despite this, the two spend the night together. The Vigilante wakes Dr. Powell and warns him to stay away from Dr. Carpenter and then makes good on his earlier threats against the Mayor's office. The next day his plans come to fruition.

Commentary: This story is shaping up to be a really good little mystery series, not only on whom the Vigilante is but why he does what he does. At the same time, Jones is developing a great cast of characters and giving the series a cinematic feel.

The bulk of this issue focuses on developing the characters further. This is a smart move on Jones's part. Sometimes it can drag the story down, but given how Bruce Jones is pacing the story, it works just fine. The relationship between Justin and Rene seems very natural and not forced, which is an easy mistake to make. Justin and Rene both have feelings of inadequacy and should work as a couple, but the Vigilante's threat complicates matters. As much as I am enjoying the Vigilante aspect to this story, the relationship between these two characters is becoming just as important.

Jones gives us a little more of the Vigilante this issue and manages to keep the violence exciting without being gratuitous. I am very curious as to the identity of the Vigilante, more so than I should be. As much as I am trying to avoid speculation, it's kind of hard here. Is it Detective Sovereign, who may have been playing at being drunk? This makes sense, especially his threats regarding Justin and Rene. Of course, it could also be Justin, who is having some serious psychological problems. This makes for a more interesting story and could explain how the Vigilante was able to sneak up on Justin in his office and at Rene's place. I like this concept better, but I could turn out to be wrong with both theories.

In The End: I wish the other mini-series that were supposed to come out as part of the "Super Storm" event could have been this good. I realize it is a totally different concept, but I am really digging this book. Jones is crafting a neat little tale and Ben Oliver's art continues to be strong. I am excited to see where the story is going.

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