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Seven Soldiers of Victory: Frankenstein #1

Posted: Monday, November 28, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Doug Mahnke

Publisher: DC Comics

In the year 1870 Mr. Melmoth, previously seen in Klarion, attacks the Frankenstein monster, but eventually suffers his own defeat. Jump forward to present time, an ugly child finds new ways to get back at all of the popular children who like to make fun of him. However, in doing so, he awakens a long dormant monster seeking justice.

Grant Morrison is like a jazz musician in that he likes to dip into all kinds of different flavors and styles, and mix them in unique and unusual ways, making each new comic completely original and unlike his other titles. This title is no exception, allowing Grant to give the reader a Carrie-like outcast that successfully transforms all the other children into mirror replicas with the help of the Sheeda. Grant then combines this with the Frankenstein monster story to create something entirely new.

I have to admit that Iím really not a Doug Mahnke fan. His run on JLA, combined with Joe Kellyís inept and agenda-filled writing on that title really turned me off, so I knew going in that this would be a hard sell for me art-wise. While the art in this issue still didnít really do a lot for me overall, I do think that the right combination of artist and title has been made once again in the Seven Soldiers lineup. Mahnkeís attention to gory detail is perfect for a Frankenstein series. One sequence I found particularly metaphorical is when the boyfriend is lit up with electricity on one page, and then Frankensteinís monster rises from the ground on the next page, almost as if he has been brought forth by this surge of energy.

Overall, I thought the issue was pretty decent, but Iím really much more interested in seeing where it goes from here with the Frankenstein monster back in the picture. I canít wait to see the confrontation between the monster and Mr. Melmoth, now that Melmoth has his new crew and a few new tricks up his sleeve, and Iím REALLY looking forward to seeing the meeting of Klarion, who is used to his Grundy-style undead guys, and Frankensteinís monster!

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