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Ant #2

Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2005
By: Dominic Organ

Writers: Mario Gully, Marc Hammond
Artists: Mario Gully

Publisher: Image Comics

Plot: Ant continues to battle Jessica Mime and her gang (And as everyone knows, mimes and Ants are mortal enemies in nature) while also contending with the arrival of Arachnid. The odds really aren’t great, and when you throw in the fact that Ant's memories are less reliable than Florida’s voting system, things don’t look good for our scarlet superhero. While duking it out with the villains, some unexpected help arrives, the battle turns in our hero’s favour and yet another surprise guest features at the end.

There is a lot to be excited about here, so let’s start with the bad. The front cover sports nipples, which is utterly unnecessary and not even possible based on my understanding of Ant's costume. The issue itself isn’t actually anything more than the battle on the roof plus a chase involving a helicopter. It’s an exciting read but the story itself doesn’t actually advance any further. On top of that, my rating for this issue has dropped half a bullet from last issue, not off to an auspicious start.

On to the good then, and like a multi-pack of Oreos there is almost too much for one sitting. We get to see far more of Ant's abilities and strengths during this battle which is good; a heroes are defined by their powers as by their backstory. Ant herself describes her costume as more like armour, and this is played out well during the fight as she takes some heavy shots and keeps giving. The action manages to excite and interest without ever really thrilling, which is partially up to the art (which I will come to later). A little bit more of Hannah’s childhood is revealed and Gully succeeds as he has both in the Ant TPB and issue one in making us feel for her. If anyone saw a child being brutalised like this by other children then they would have stepped in (Unless you’re Fox TV, in which case you’d film it--Eight o’clock slot needs to be filled after all) and this works for the character. She shifts during the battle from what is going on to comparable situations from her earlier life. We have two big heroes featured, and I am very much looking forward to issue three to see what happens with the surprise inclusion at the end. I would crawl over my mother's body to get this issue a day early, which is no mean feat as I KNOW she would go down fighting.

The Art has its good points and bad points. Ant looks satisfyingly odd with her antennae whipping around. Black and red are used to great effect to emphasize emotion and keep her looking decidedly alien. Jessica Mime looks attractive and proves women don’t need to be poking my eyes out with massively erect nipples to do it, which I am grateful for. Arachnid looks……pretty awful to be honest. Imagine what Cher looks like without make-up on and you will probably have a decent idea. The contrast between Ant and Arachnid is used to great effect and makes the battle more interesting. The fight scenes are filled with action, and there is plenty to keep the eye interested and this detracts from the issue at points. The large panels look great while the smaller ones seem over crowded and lose some of their impact. While this issue doesn’t match up to the first, there is still loads to keep me interested. I’ll be buying the next one, and so should you.

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