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Batman #647

Posted: Monday, December 5, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Doug Mahnke (p), Tom Nguyen (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Pretty simple plot: Deathstroke brings muscle from the Society to assist Black Mask with the destruction of Red Hood in exchange for membership. Batman, meanwhile, decides whether or not to intervene on Red Hoodís behalf. He assists Red Hood in fending off the Society muscle, only to end up deciding that the Red Hood situation needs to endÖnow.

Whatís interesting in this story is the psychology. Batman must decide to team up with Jason once again in order to defeat Captain Nazi, Hyena, and Count Vertigo. Surprisingly, they work as smoothly together as if they had never been apart, with Batman taking the lead as always. However, just when you think everything is going so well, Jason once again steps over the line, leaving Batman to realize that he must take care of his Red Hood problem once and for all.

The art is decent. As Iíve mentioned before, Iím not a Mahnke fan, but he does alright this time out. The rainbow swirl is a good visual representation of Count Vertigoís powers.

Overall, itís a good issue with plenty of tough choices on Batmanís part, which always makes for good reading. Alfred narrates the early part of the story, pointing out the basic differences between what makes Jasonís style work and what makes Bruceís style work just as effectively. Watching Bruce and Jason work together again is rather nostalgic, until the other shoe drops and Bruce realizes just how much things have changed. I canít wait to see how Batman intends on ending this situation.

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