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JSA: Classified #5

Posted: Friday, December 16, 2005
By: Michael Bailey

"Honor Among Thieves Part 1"

Writer: Jen Van Meter
Artists: Patrick Olliffe (p), Ruy Jose (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: The Wizard, with the help of the Icicle, puts together a team of villains to help him with a personal concern.

Commentary: This is probably the best introduction to any story that DC has done all year.

I'm not kidding. If the rest of this story continues along the lines of this first issue, this arc could end up being something really special. Jen Van Meter is a really solid writer who has brought together a great cast of characters. Everyone was an individual. All the characters had their own voice. The banter and interplay were interesting, and the overall story has a lot of potential. Van Meter seems to have a lot of affection for the Golden-Age characters. What Geoff Johns has done with the heroes of the JSA, I think Van Meter will do with their villains.

The Icicle was the narrator and Van Meter provided a lot of inner dialogue. She did wonders with all of the characters, but in terms of explaining how this group thinks, her characterization of the Icicle was the way to go. She plays the man as a schemer, as a person that can get people together and this made him very enjoyable as a reader.

Outside of Icicle I had a lot of affection for Rag Doll. I thought that his introduction to the story was hilarious and fit with the current version of the character. He's such a volatile character and a complete psycho, but he's fun and I look forward to his role in the overall story arc.

In The End: I was really impressed with this issue. Jen Van Meter is a wonderful writer, up there with Geoff Johns and Gail Simone. I didn't know what to expect with this story, but so far it looks great. This is a great cast of characters with a lot of potential. Pat Olliffe and Ruy Jose's art was solid and really sold the atmosphere of the story. If this story turns out the way I think it will, this arc has the ability to turn into something special.

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