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G.I. Joe Sigma 6 #1

Posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Andrew Dabb
Artist: Chris Lie

Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing

While vacationing, Duke is dragged into a mission to rescue local scientists, and runs into Destro in the process. This leads to an underwater battle scene, complete with sharks.

This series is aimed at a younger audience, since it is based on the cartoon series of the same name. This does not, however, excuse a weak story. I suppose Iíve been ruined by more complex stories with deeper characterization from what I normally read, and I donít tend to read titles aimed at a younger audience, but Iím familiar with these characters, and theyíve been watered down to the point of total blandness. Duke has lost all of his edge, as has Destro. The last page was just completely unbelievable in terms of Destroís characterization.

I did enjoy the art. I assume this is the same art as in the cartoon series, but it could work just as well with more serious stories, such as those in the regular G.I. Joe series. I hope Lie gets the opportunity to draw some massive battle scenes at some point.

This is not a series I would buy, nor would I buy it for a younger reader when I donít see any problem with the current G.I. Joe series as it is. The regular series is not graphic in its violence, and the storylines are engaging, making you highly anticipate the next issue. At the end of this issue, I really had no anticipation for the next issue. Thatís not a good thing.

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