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Firestorm #20

Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2005
By: John Hays

Writer: Stuart Moore
Artists: Jamal Igle (p), Rob Stull (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Firestorm is deep in space along with many other heroes, trying to help Donna Troy in her mysterious quest to save the universe. However, their trip gets sidetracked when they find a damaged Rannian ship with faint lifesigns, and things get really difficult when the Thanagarians arrive!

Iím really enjoying this space mission. Maybe I am just hoping that it leads to Crisis on Infinite Earths-type stuff eventually. The other thing that is exciting is that none of these heroes are safe. Any of them could die on this mission, although we do know a few that make it just based on March solicits.

The art is really good here. Animal Man looks really intense when he absorbs the abilities of the Thanagarian bird. It was also very exciting to see the face of Professor Stein near the end of the story. The cover was also very good, but I canít wait for next issueís cover.

Overall, this is a really good storyline. In its own small way, from what I read about where itís going in terms of Firestormís personal growth, it will end up being a bit like James Robinsonís space arc in Starman, in that Jason will come back a much more mature person and hero. I canít wait!

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