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Ultimate Spider-man #86

Posted: Friday, December 23, 2005
By: Chubax Chuidian

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley

Publisher: Marvel Comics

What Happens: Omega Red shows up at a shipyard and destroys some of Roxxon’s properties while yapping about in an annoying way. Spider-Man comes along and kicks the crap out of Omega Red while throwing a joke or two, Peter Parker style. The story then shifts to Silver Sable (who first appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man Game) talking to Mr. Roxxon, and she is hired to find Spider-Man so that Roxxon can find out who hired Omega Red. Silver Sable and her group of mercenaries successfully track Spider-man to Midtown High but stupidly nab the wrong guy...

My Impressions: Now before I say anything I want you guys to know that I love Ultimate Spider-Man. It may not be the top book all the time, but I just love the fact that there’s one writer and one artist ever since the first issue. You just know what to expect and Bendis and Bagley usually produce good quality issues. This, however, was a big disappointment. When I read that Omega Red was going to appear, I couldn’t wait to see him in action. Unfortunately, Bendis’ version of Omega Red just didn’t click with me. Red just turned out to be another loud mouthed thug destroying property, while stupidly shouting how big and strong he was. I remember reading about Omega Red in Jim Lee’s X-Men, and that was one scary tough ass character. I mean he went toe to toe with Wolverine for more than three days and came out on top. Now he's getting pushed around by lil ‘ol Peter Parker? No offense to Peter, but this guy barely put up a fight. I hope that if Bendis brings him back that he can have more of a presence than he had in this issue, cause he was just flat out wrong. Bagley came out with a pretty decent design for Omega Red, but it could have been better. I feel that Bagley was tied down by how Omega Red was written and it affected how he looked. But that’s just me.

As for the rest of the issue, it didn’t rise up in quality either. After the rollercoaster nonstop fighting in the “Warriors” arc, I was expecting some Peter Parker characterization and maybe even see the effects of the events that happened in Ultimate Spider-man Annual. Instead, Bendis came out with another, from how I see it, unnecessary fight (Spidey vs Omega) and then went on showing us Silver Sable tracking Spider-man in the hopes of capturing him. In the end, Silver Sable and her mercenaries end up with Flash Thompson and a whole lot of trouble. In all fairness though, even if this issue was a bad first issue for an arc, the whole arc can still succeed with a good next issue. In short, it’s more like the arc can still continue cause the only thing that really happened here was that they captured Flash Thompson instead of Peter.

My Word: If I wasn’t a Bendis or an Ultimate Spidey fan, I wouldn’t have picked up this issue. Here’s me crossing my fingers for a better issue in two weeks.

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