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Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #3

Posted: Friday, December 23, 2005
By: Chubax Chuidian

Writer: Dave Gibbons & Geoff Johns
Artist: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC Comics

What Happens: Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner dive into the Vega System, against the guardians orders, to respond to a distress call made by Soranik Natu. Remember her? The hot, orange-skinned doctor who hates Green Lanterns? Anyways, they successfully rescue her and Kyle and Guy learn that, on her way home, she was haunted by the thoughts of the previous owner of her ring and that she wanted to give him a good burial. She was then captured and left for some bounty hunters who wanted her alive. She then goes on, arrogantly mind you, on how she faked her death and deceived the bounty hunters. To give her credit, eating the ring and letting it slow her vitals down and absorbing her life force, was bloody brilliant. Elsewhere, the other two new recruits, the Ranian and the Thanagarian, are surrounded by spider/insect like creatures when Kilowog comes in to save their asses. They escape but they find something far worse outside. Kyle and Guy, on the other hand, expertly steer Natu into accepting the ring and the job. As they leave, the same bounty hunters who wanted Natu when she was captured, ambush them.

My Impressions: People who aren’t getting this title should be POOZERED to submission. This issue was just amazing. This issue shed a little light on some of the questions from the previous two issues. There’s a group of bounty hunters who collect on the deaths of any ring-wearing Lantern, and there’s this spider/insect type with a death star type ship also after them. Throughout these revelations, the story takes a back seat to the action and some pretty freaking cool moments. Like when Kyle goes on teasing Guy with a “whether you’ll be able to keep up with me” remark. It’s something you wouldn’t hear the old Kyle Rayner say, but the two writers are playing with it, and they’re coming up with some funny lines. At first, I was worried because Gardner’s usually written butting heads with Hal, and I didn’t think that he’d have chemistry with Kyle, but I’d have to say the writers are getting it done. Because of Gardner, Kyle lets loose a little. In the past, Kyle was always so uptight, probably because he was a newbie, and he didn’t want to screw up. But now, sicne he’s no longer top guy in the Corps with Hal Jordan back, there’s a lot less pressure. Another scene is when Kilowog comes in saying “Daddy’s Here Poozers! Let’s get you home!” There’s just something about the big guy that kinds of make one feel safe and you’ll just know he’ll take care of you. One scene that I really liked was when the Ranian and the Thanagarian were back-to-back and surrounded. I love the scene because of the irony of how they’re back-to-back, knowing that they only have each other to trust, and yet they’re still bickering back and forth. I just find it funny how they can trust each other with their lives and yet not be able to stand each other's statements. The action was also fun. Nothing new or unprecedented fight scenes, but the characters and the art just make it work. The art by the way is amazing. Gleason knows his Lanterns, and he probably loves them because it shows in his work. The scenes in space really make you think it’s real and out there. Gives one a sense of sci-fi nostalgia.

My Word: A must have. Can’t wait for fourth issue. The cover itself screams coolness.

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