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Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #1

Posted: Friday, December 23, 2005
By: Chubax Chuidian

Writer: Damon Lindelof
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

Publisher: Marvel Comics

What Happens: Wolverine wakes up without his lower torso, smells them 4 miles away and crawls towards it. The book then rewinds and we see how Wolverine is secretly enlisted by Nick Fury to take care of the Hulk. Logan uses his nose and in the end finds him in a cave with hundreds of women.

My Impressions: I was disappointed. Quite a lot, to be honest. Now I want you to know that in all fairness, I think the comic was made well. I gave it probably because of seeing a preview of the first few pages of this issue on another site, and I was expecting a big time smack down between the beast and the monster. (you can pick whoís the beast and whoís the monster, hehe.) In the end, what do I find? An extremely great introductory scene where Wolverine wakes up torn in half and one amazing picture of Hulk doing it. Thatís it. No more action here. All dialogue. The conversations with Nick Fury and the lady scientist were, in all honestly, pretty well written. The problem I have with it is that itís typical Logan dialogue. You know, where heís told something and he comes back with a smart ass remark. Again, itís good dialogue, but I was looking for a kick-ass, skin-biting, bone-cutting issue of Wolvie vs Hulk, not a lot of dialogue. I do have high hopes for the mini-series though, and I do think highly of the artist and the writer. They made a good issue; itís just not what I wanted. Iíll be here hoping that I get my all-out action that Marvel advertised with great effort.

My Word: I do think Iíll love the series as a whole, just not this one, not right now. My craving for blood for this issue made me use 2 of the 4 Bullets on an innocent pedestrian (just kidding) which I would have added to the total otherwise.

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