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Daredevil: Father #5

Posted: Friday, January 6, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Penciller: Joe Quesada
Inker: Danny Miki

Publisher: Marvel Comics

A detective tells Matt Murdock that the serial killer Johnny Sockets has been killing Murdock’s former clients. The police found Matt’s address book at one of the crime scenes. A familiar scent on the book convinces Matt that Sean Farrell really is the killer. But a visit to the Farrell house reveals a darker truth.

Honestly, I should have seen this issue’s twist coming. We’ve had only two suspects so far, one more obvious than another. That should have tipped me off that neither was the real killer. But I didn’t see it coming; I was genuinely surprised. I credit that more to Quesada’s storytelling than any failing on my part.

Murdock realizes his narrow focus on Hell’s Kitchen blinded him to his connection to the victims. I hope to see this revelation carried over into the monthly Daredevil series. It looks like there are going to be major changes in Murdock’s life. Hopefully a new point of view will be one of them. Murdock’s connection to the real killer should be revealed in the final issue. Matt remembers how his father and Sean’s father “met,” but that may not have any bearing on the real killer’s motives. The key could still lie in Matt’s past.

This is a visually heavy comic book. Joe Quesada draws these wonderfully thick, lumpy people. And yet they look completely natural. Costumes are big and blocky in an almost Frank Miller way. This is counterbalanced nicely by Danny Miki’s thin ink lines and Richard Isanove’s subtle and muted color palate. I’d love to see more art from Quesada, even if it’s just an occasional mini-series like this. He’s come a long way since Sword of Azreal.

So now that the mystery’s been solved, does the story still stand on its own? I’ll answer that with the next issue.

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