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Bart Simpson Comics #27

Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Hot Air Buffoon"
"The Case of the Sax Solo Saboteur"
"No Purchase Necessary"

Writers: Various
Artists: Various
Publisher: Bongo

Three stories compete for your affections in this week's Bart Simpson Comics. Two offer amusement, cleverness and characterization insight. The third takes a more zany, satirical approach.

James Bates sends Lisa and Bart up, up and away in "Hot Air Buffoon." This story sours on the wings of the character interaction and Bart's profound rebellion against knowledge. Bates's solution also arises from a fairplay scenario requiring no deus ex machina.

The artwork Phil Oritz, Mike DeCarlo and Nathan Hamill ignites the imagination while buoying on a perfect mimicry of the Matt Groening style. The story's visual loftiness also benefits from the downright suspenseful action sequences and the change of settings complete with idyllic colors.

The second story by Bates begins as a mystery and ends as a psychological study. Bates here delves into a heady mix of suspects and subconscious desires to produce a not a sour note for "The Case of the Sax Solo Saboteur."

Mike Worley, Mike Rote and Art Villanueva meter out perfect timing with each move made by the notorious prankster, and dramatic shadows orchestrated by the team add elegant atmosphere to the enigma variation.

John Jackson Miller I suspect with " No Purchase Necessary" gains a little vengeance against the companies who hold games that are near impossible win. Having suffered from one of the original borderline legal bottle cap scams of the seventies, empathizing with Bart became quite easy.

Ortiz, DeCarlo and Hamill return for the panel pieces, and this time their talents must be directed for scenes filled with multiple denizens of Springfield. Needless, they succeed and make certain that the storyboard never looks cluttered.

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