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Superman/Shazam! First Thunder #3

Posted: Monday, January 9, 2006
By: John Hays

Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Joshua Middleton

Publisher: DC Comics

As Eclipso tries to take over the world, Sabbac tries to make it a living hell, while Superman and Captain Marvel work together to try to save the day. Meanwhile, Sivana gets some interesting information that could spell big trouble for Billy Batson.

This mini series, as I’ve written before, is everything that Winick’s last pairing of the two wasn’t. Great writing, with both heroes equally present and matched up against excellent villains with even bigger powerhouses plotting behind the scenes. Winick really does an excellent job of making Sivana seem like Billy’s own Lex Luthor. He also seems to really “get” both heroes, with Superman making sure nobody gets hurt, and Captain Marvel giving such great lines as “C’mon. We’re off to see the wizard.”

The art is top notch once again. It’s just a perfect match of pencils and coloring. When Middleton draws big eyes, it makes the characters look almost childlike with awe, wonder, or fright. When Eclipso has turned someone evil, that distinctive blue moon covers their face just as it should. Plus, each character’s signature colors are so vibrant, it’s easy to tell who’s coming from far away.

This mini series is one of the best in a long time to be apparently flying under the radar, and I really hope it gets recognized once it’s done. It definitely needs to be traded and advertised through the roof as something DC should be proud of.

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