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JSA: Classified #6

Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2006
By: Nicholas Slayton

"Honor Among Thieves Pt. II"

Writer: Jen Van Meter
Artists: Patrick Olliffe (p), Ruy Jose and Drew Geraci (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: The Injustice Society continues their plan to pull a heist from JSA HQ. As the team grows closer, the Thinker comes up with some interesting diversions for the heroes, and a startling discovery is made concerning who's after the Wizard.

Commentary: I loved this issue. I have always had an appreciation for the villains in comics, movies, books, you name it. Villains United was a major letdown for me, but this storyarc is a godsend. I'm now eagerly awaiting issue seven and the conclusion to the arc.

There aren't enough compliments in the English language that I can bestow on Jen Van Meter. Anybody could have made the Injustice Society malicious two dimensional bad guys, but Van Meter takes the feeling of family and legacy that James Robinson, David Goyer, and Geoff Johns had for the JSA and imbued that into the bad guys. You'll be cheering the Injustice Society on from page one. Van Meter also manages to keep the JSA in character, and handles Wildcat and even Ma Hunkle to perfection.

I have a big problem with comic book stories that present a cast seemingly out of character. None of that here. Icicle and the gang really feel like a family, even though they are technically the "bad guys." Solomon Grundy gets a fitting, almost endearing, personality. The father-son like relationship between the Wizard and Icicle really shows how much the Injustice Society cares for one another. A couple characters get some love, and that situation is handled perfectly. Special guest stars from the other villainous society are handled dead on, and the Calculator really does seem to be an information genious.

When it comes to the art, Olliffe, Jose, and Geraci provide a realisticically porportioned cast and fluid, exciting battles. Ragdoll carries an almost cartoon aspect to himself, while Solomon Grundy manages to look real and carry emotioin even while being a superstrong zombie. It is also nice to see female characters look pretty without resorting to oversized physiques and skimpy costumes.

Final Thoughts: Don't Wake Grundy Up! This is one of the most entertaining comics out in a while. This manages to fit into the Infinite Crisis stuff without simply being a a pointless tie in. The characters are topnotch and art is beautiful. I'm tossing out my copy of Villains United and petitioning DC for an Injustice Society comic by this creative team.

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