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Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #4

Posted: Friday, January 27, 2006
By: Chubax Chuidian

Writers: Dave Gibbons & Geoff Johns
Artists: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC Comics

What Happens: Finally, the six Green Lanterns get together for some emerald action.

At the start of the issue Kyle, Guy, Natu and Kilowog get together, hiding in the service ducts of the Spider Guildís massive ship. Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol, the two rookies that Kilowog rescued last issue, go deeper in the Spiderís Lair for some recon. As the Lanterns try to be stealthy from the Spider Guild, the bounty hunters come crashing in and initiate a three way battle. Lanterns vs. Bounty hunters vs. spider-bots. In the end, the Lanterns get away only to find that theyíre in for a world of trouble as the worst case scenario has happened.

My Thoughts: Man, this series just keeps soaring. Makes me a little sad that itís only a mini-series, though there will be an on-going series. I donít know whoís going to write and pencil it yet so I canít really rave bout that. I can, however, rave about this issue and rave it does. As with last issue, this issue is fronted by a beautiful cover that tells you this issue is hot! Covers like this show how other titles take them for granted. Covers like this really hype up the story inside it and I wish that others can follow its example. The art inside doesnít disappoint either. Gleason doesnít do what other artists choose to do and kind of cheat in drawing action sequences by leaving out a lot of details. In fact, in this issue, Gleason goes all out and you can really appreciate the detail of his art, especially in the action sequences and I just love it. The story kinds of gets together too as the Lanterns find out what the Spider Guild is up to and with the ending itself, you know next issue is going to be great. Both writers really put a good crew together, and I just love all the six Lanterns. From, the Rannian and Thanagar working exceptionally well together and still firing one liners at each other to Natu being ineffective in battle which actually makes sense; since she was a doctor, sheís not really experienced in fighting like the other two rookies. Of course the other three veterans arenít too shabby either. Kilowog kicks ass, and surprisingly Guy acted as a good leader here by giving smart orders and keeping the team intact. Kyle let Guy do most of the barking, but he gave orders when he needed to and more importantly lead by example.

Hearing that Kyle will be getting his own series post-crisis, I was a bit torn. Itís a bit depressing because having his own series probably means that he wonít have a starring role in the coming on-going series of the Corps. But I'm a bit happy because he does deserve to be in his own issue.

My Final Word: I hope you loved it because you know I loved it. Be back next month for the last issue.

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