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Intimidators #1

Posted: Monday, January 30, 2006
By: John Hays

Writer: Neil Kleid
Artist: Miguel Montenegro

Publisher: Image Comics

There was an issue of Action Comics, #775, where a group of young upstart anti-heroes called the Elite had no problems with killing anyone who got in their way of dispensing justice, until they ran up against Superman, who naturally stopped them and saved the day.

Now, imagine that the Elite hadnít had Superman to stop them. In fact, imagine that Superman had been lost years before, and that the Elite were now the answer to any major problem, and that they did things their way. In fact, imagine that they come up against a major bomb threat; treat it in their own reckless manner, but at the end of the day save the city. Yet, in the wreckage of the bomb that explodes in space comes one particular piece that falls back to the exact spot on which they are standingÖand it is Supermanís body.

Thatís the gist of the first issue of Intimidators. A Mafioso baddie gets his hands on a bomb, and holds the city hostage. Meanwhile, the President is wishing he had any other option than calling the Intimidators. He doesnít, so theyíre called, and they crawl out of their disgusting holes to save the day in their own way. When they finally toss the bomb out into space, a fragment comes falling back, and itís an old superhero that had been lost many years before.

The premise is certainly interesting, but not exactly my cup of tea. Iím just more into the shinier, more moral heroes, I guess. I will admit that, for what it is, itís written well, so I canít fault it for that. The art is decent, but nothing especially unique or captivating. So, if youíre into the anti-hero concept, you might want to check this title out.

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