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Red Sonja #5

Posted: Saturday, February 4, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writers: Michael Avon Oeming with Mike Carey
Artists:Mel Rubi;Brian Buccellato,Caesar Rodriquez, Richard Isanove(c)

A perfectly okay issue, Red Sonja is also the clearly padded issue. When last we left the flame-haired She-Devil, she was about to be beset upon by possessed children. Sonja will not kill children.

This problem is solved when Osin informs her that they are not children at all but the homunculi created from the big bad's blood. Rejoicing occurs with brutal hack and slashery. But illusion can sometimes be just as convincing as reality, and Sonja reveals deeper feelings over the slaughter.

The creative team juxtaposes these scenes against a pitched battle within the city as the beast men and rebels fight for their freedom. Mel Rubi and the colorists illustrate all of it magnificently. They powerfully capture the action and the emotion.

The giant snake is where Oeming and company loses me. I tried to rationalize a number of reasons why the giant snake does not crush Red Sonja and Osin into dust, and I could not come up with one. It just exists to stretch out the story, and it does not do so convincingly. I hope by the end of this tale Sonja emerges with at least a broken rib.

I wouldn't classify this book as a let down, but there's no reason why the writers and artists couldn't squeeze the final battle between Sonja and the Big Bad in these pages.

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