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Seven Soldiers of Victory: Mister Miracle #3

Posted: Friday, February 10, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Freddie Williams II

Publisher: DC Comics

Itís the New Gods-hip hop style. Or maybe Iím just saying that since most of the cast is black.

Shilo Norman has a competitor: Baron Bedlam. Bedlamís been pulling off more dangerous stunts than Shilo. Heís also inspired a cult following of ďplastic peopleĒ; people with shiny skin and smooth minds. Shilo soon learns Bedlam, and his therapist, are working for Dark Side. Dark Side tells him the Anti-Life equation. Shilo can resist the equation, but heís still stuck in the Life Trap.

Woof. Iíve never seen a hero brought down as low as Shilo by the end of this comic. Heís broken in mind and body. And even his gods tell him his only escape is death. Grim. Well, Morrisonís been saying from the start, ďA Soldier Must Die.Ē But who says that death has to be permanent?

I like how Morrisonís blended the real world with the New Gods mythology. He creates the feeling that magic can be found around any corner. Ordinary things take on metaphorical meaning when viewed in this context. Cars are instruments of death. Make-up is a tool of conformity. And the gods could be living on your street. Divinity is all around us. The battle between good and evil is waged every day by every one of us. That was a recurring theme in much of Jack Kirbyís work, including the New Gods. The mundane can be mythical, and the miraculous can become mundane.

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