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Green Lantern #9

Posted: Monday, February 27, 2006
By: Keith Dallas

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Publisher: DC Comics

The Tattooed Man. The guyís a joke, right? A third string villain that Green Lantern has taken down too many times to count. Stop. Rewind. This isnít your dadís Tattooed Man. This is more like a page out of the movie Seven. This guy finds people he believes has sinned in some way, and kills them, taking their sins as his new tattoos. He means business and isnít afraid of anyone who might stand in his way. At least, one would have to assume this is the case, since heís taking out targets in Gotham, home of the Batman, and youíd have to be fearless or crazy to mess around in Batmanís turf.

This was a good issue. I found it to be a much stronger one than the last two dealing with Mongul Jr., and the art is just great for this particular subject matter. My only issues with the issue, no pun intended, are two things. One, I donít understand why Geoff is pushing the ďHal was a bad guyĒ to the point that fellow Green Lanterns could possibly go after him, when they should be the first to realize what really happened. Two, I think that the patching up of Bruce and Halís relationship felt rushed, just as it did in the miniseries that already covered this ground some time back. I personally donít mind Bruce not liking Hal, and donít think that was something that really needed fixing.

As I mentioned above, Ethanís art was really great this time out. You can just tell that he had a good time with the Tattooed Manís creatures, as well as the alien Green Lanterns. I also really love Ethanís interpretation of Batman, and think that he belongs on a Bat title ASAP. The full page with Batlantern was just awesome.

Overall, Iíd say this was a very strong issue. A new villain was introduced that lives up to Geoffís great line of new villains both in this title as well as Geoffís run in Flash, and we got to see the teamup of Hal and Bruce, with classic exchanges between them. I look forward to seeing where Geoff takes the title one year later.

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