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A’Pertua: A World At War #2

Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2006
By: Kevin Noel Olson

Debi Hammack Satisfies Readers With A'Pertua #2

Being compared to Chinese food is likely not a creator's first choice, but it doesn't fail to come to mind with Ms. Hammack's A'Pertua. Despite the portions being slightly smaller at 16 pages than the average comic book with 22 pages, this issue leaves the reader more satisfied than some books with larger page counts. Debi wastes no space in telling the story. She fills her pictures with intriguing imagery that are almost books unto themselves and her prose is solidly represented in the text. You leave the table well-fed and satisfied, but ultimately wanting more and anticipating the next book.

In A'Pertua #2, a father tells his sons about the first coming of the humans. The first wave came in a single, broken ship as weary, lost space travelers. They readily befriend the natives, accept their hospitality, and offer their hand in friendship. The father continues to talk about the second coming of humans, brutal ravaging locusts destroying planets and leaving a swath of destruction across the universe. Like so many other cultures, the humans attempted to supplant the A'Pertuans. They meet unanticipated difficulties, and A'Pertua is not as easy a prey. The characters from the first issue decide to take the offensive against the humans using their particular abilities and magical powers to fight the humans.

This second issue maintains all the suspense and artwork that made the first issue so intriguing and fantastic, with a feeling that Debi is beginning to hit her stride with this first-outing comic creator. A'Pertua and Debi Hammack are definitely worth watching out far in the independent comic arena. Check out preview art at the A'Pertua website.

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