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Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #5

Posted: Friday, March 3, 2006
By: Michael Aronson

Writers: Dave Gibbons, Geoff Johns
Artist: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC Comics

Mmm. I feel inclined to take points away from this issue. Itís a by-the-numbers conclusion to a story designed to reinstate the Green Lantern Corps. Thereís a big splashy finish in which the bad guy army is defeated and the status quo is re-established. And moreover, I find myself not really caring whatsoever for the stakes at hand, and I canít really remember what happened in the previous issue. But for all its lackluster qualities and predictability, it does accomplish what the series set out to do, and despite a conventional finish, itís still appropriate for the tone and style of the series.

All the Green Lanterns amass for the big finish, including a couple who were sidelined for most of the series. Despite the more popular characters involved, itís nice to see Guy Gardner basking in the green spotlight. Iím not sure the character has enough of a following to support his own series, but I think I could get behind Guy Gardner and the GL Corps. Despite a very well-chosen though limited role for Kyle Rayner as a supporting cast member, Guy makes up about 95% of the castís personality. For the time being, itís hard to care much at all for Reluctant Chip-on-her-shoulder Doctor as well as the grudgingly partnered Kree and Skrull Ė I mean, Rannian and Thanagarian. The verdict is still out on Kilowog, who canít refrain from saying ďPoozerĒ ten times an issue.

I have to say, though, that Iím really loving DCís visual revitalization of both Green Lantern books. Gleasonís style and his GL energy effects are completely different from those of Van Sciver or Pacheco, much more raw and crackling, but itís well-suited for this type of story and defines the overall formations, cooperative tactics and presentation of the new Corps. The coloring also does a fantastic job or reinforcing this overwhelming power and vigor.

As stated above, this issue reestablishes the Corp's status quo, propping up Gardnerís role along the way, but thereís a nice little foreshadowed mystery dropped toward the end that may be well in full throttle once the ongoing series begins One Year Later. Itís such an intriguing yet clear-cut twist that I wonder why no oneís introduced it before.

This issue doesnít really aspire to be much, but as a result that goal is easily achieved.

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