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Red Sonja #7

Posted: Saturday, March 4, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"The Hand of Fate"

Writers: J.T. Krul
Artists: Noah Solanga, Brian Buccellato(c)
Publisher: Dynamite

Two Red Sonja books arrived this week and neither of them is really outstanding.

Guest writer J.T. Krul contributes an adequate pirate story that tangentially involves Sonja. The tale opens when several of the privateers attempt to coax off Sonja's chain mail. This scene does show that Sonja isn't totally ruthless or without humor. She handles the drunkards with kid gauntlets, and her last action displays a level of skill that gives her the leave to be merciful.

Ander, the softest and the youngest of the group, approaches Sonja with a deal. She accepts, and the story proper gives chase. Krul must be applauded for eliminating any tedious padding. Sonja and her partner steal a boat, set sail, and in the next panel hit the shores to search for the treasure left to Ander.

The pirates catch up to the duo as Ander and Sonja discover the reputation of the treasure has been seriously inflated, and frankly though it offers definite evidence of wrongdoing, I think we all could have come to the same conclusion without confirmation.

The artwork by Noah Sonlanga is throughout decent without a mistimed scene. Anatomy and proportion are solid, and the action is well choreographed. He does however come from the American anime scene that used to be Image's signature, and sometimes those influences become obvious.

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