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JSA #83

Posted: Friday, March 10, 2006
By: Rich Squires

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Rags Morales, Luke Ross

Publisher: DC Comics

"One Year Later" has arrived for DC's First Superhero Team with Paul Levitz at the Writer's Helm. The question is though what has transpired during that year and where do they fit in?

Plot/Story: The story starts off with ghosts haunting certain Society team members and their families. Joan Garrick, Jakeem Thunder, Mr. Terrific (with Stargirl present), all get visits from ghosts from their pasts who have returned to scare them for a reason that has yet to be determined. Rest assured, where there are ghosts, The Gentleman's Ghost is not far behind. Between the scenes is a look into the childhood past of Jim Craddock before he was turned into our polite Hawkman rogue. Even though the Origin of The Gentleman's Ghost has been told to us over in Hawkman, this part of the book dives deeper into what makes Gentleman Jim's mind tick, and I look forward to more of his story in Mr. Levitz's upcoming issues. The issue also reveals that Alan Scott is having a tough time dealing with everything since Jade's "Death" which clearly has rattled his confidence. Mr. Terrific indicates that it has been a few months since the Justice Society has had a formal meeting, and what happens when that meeting does occur, you'll just have to read it for yourself and see.

If you are looking for explanations as to what has happened with the JSA, you will have to wait a little longer as nothing was divulged to us with the exception that the team has not met in a year. The major concern I had for the book is that this issue left us asking more questions than receiving answers. Mr. Levitz provides an interesting opening chapter, but it was missing the "WOW" factor. Hopefully, as the story continues to unfold, the answers will be provided to leftover questions:

1) Why haven't the JSA met in months?
2) Where are the other team members that didnt appear in this storyline and how has OYL affected them?
3) Why is Dr. Midnite in Gotham? (Thanks to Comic Bloc'er JSAgent for this one.)
4) What is going on with Alan that he feels "too old" to do this anymore? This is totally out of character for him to be so unsettled.
5) The Thunderbolt refers to himself as Johnny. I thought Johnny was left back in the 5th Dimension? Typo? Or Is Johnny back as the T-BOLT?

Art: Rags Morales does a fantastic job with a decent plot. His work is crisp and adds depth to Mr. Levitz's workable storyline. The powerful rendition of Dr. MidNite on page 15 and 16 and the way he portrays a gentle and caring Jay Garrick coming yet again to the rescue of his wife, Joan, are the reasons why I say that JSA fans are going to be spoiled with some of the best artwork you have seen on this book to date. And least we not forget the absolute georgeous flashback sequences of the Gentleman's Ghost provided by Luke Ross that had me begging for more. A rather unimpressive cover was provided by George Perez. The Cover doesnt produce the needed "WOW," and I think that Perez has been bogged down with too much work as of late, and some of his work has been affected by it.

Overall: I was expecting more from one of the FIRST One Year Later stories, and all I was left with was asking myself more questions. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't what I was looking forward to either. I am quite sure that all the questions I have raised above will no doubt be answered in the upcoming issues, but I feel that this issue was a flat start to what could have been an excellent beginning to the One Year Later stories.

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