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Forbidden #1

Posted: Saturday, March 25, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Samuel Vera
Publisher: Crazee Comics

Continuing where the zero issue left off, Sinn has breached the surface to hunt for the big bad. We learn this issue that his name is Daniel Hunter. Meanwhile Sinn's people, the cave-dwellers, not to be confused with the stars of the Mystery Science Theater experiment, begin to launch a recovery mission led by the King's daughter.

Vera's artwork in Forbidden is much more confident and polished in the first issue. The backgrounds offer rich detail, and since this story takes place in a period that's similar to our own, the backgrounds or more recognizable. His anatomy and ability to depict expression still need a little work, but on the whole the artwork represents a very talented amateur's finest.

The story basically follows the principles identified by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with A Thousand Faces. Sinn has after trial and tribulation gone on his quest. He meets a wise man, and the villain is aware that destiny demands that Sinn will kill him. On the other hand, Vera could pull a fast one. The King's daughter could be the one to end Hunter's life. She also comes from the caves. She also meets the criteria of the prophecy.

Vera portrays Hunter as a very capable villain. He's ensconced in the world of business, and he also does not consider himself evil. The narration reveals his rationale for his actions, and as far as the reader is concerned, he really hasn't done anything wrong.

Hunter's greatest crime seems to be sending men to kill Sinn, but this is a matter of survival. That's where I felt the book took a few wrong turns. Hunter lets Sinn walk away. He sends men into the alleys to their deaths, but he lets the wise man pick up Sinn and take him back to his home. At the very least Hunter should have tracked him down. At best he should have blown up their shack, and Vera does not address the reasons why he did not do these very sensible things. If Hunter can find Sinn within an alley in a teeming city, why can he not find Sinn in a shack in a desert near a road?

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