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G.I. Joe America’s Elite #9

Posted: Monday, March 27, 2006
By: John Hays

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Nelson Blake II

Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing

The hunt is on…for the body of Snake Eyes! While most of the Joe team crash a Cobra location where the believe they might find a lead as to the whereabouts of their fallen comrade, Scarlett attempts to track his homing device, and Storm Shadow tracks down a former Cobra agent who he believes could lead him to Snake Eyes…Major Bludd! Meanwhile, Duke’s search for Cobra Commander leads him to a very unexpected encounter.

I was rather shocked by the ending of the last issue, even though I should have learned by now to expect anything from this series. As much as I hated seeing Snake Eyes fall, it has become an excellent plot device for the Joes, and, judging from the last page of this issue, I doubt we’ve seen the last of the silent master.

The art is very good, yet very different from the early issues. It’s much more comic book centric, where the previous artist’s work looked geared more toward the old animated series. I especially enjoyed the panel where the computer’s readout was reflected off of Scarlett’s disappointed face. Great use of color and shading.

This series continues to shock and surprise, keeping readers on the edge of their seats, never knowing who will survive…and who won’t. It’s this level of personal cost that will keep G.I. Joe: America’s Elite on the top of the Devil’s Due list of best selling books.

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