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Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #16

Posted: Monday, March 27, 2006
By: Shawn Hill

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Barry Kitson (p), Mick Gray (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: An Unidentified Celestial Object hurtles towards Earth at light speed. Now that the Legion and the United Planets have come to terms, an ambassador dispatches the powerful teens to intercept the threat.

Comments: Iím happy to see my hopes for this title come to pass. I felt it had lost steam after an initial strong start, and that Dream Girlís death was a downer from which the generally hopeful book hadnít recovered.

While Iíve no great love for the Supergirl character post-Crisis (Power Girl all the way!), the one place where she may do the least harm is a ď1001Ē years in the future. Her traditional relationship with Braniac 5 is an important part of Legion lore, and whether that comes to pass or not, sheís a natural addition to a team in search of a real powerhouse. Ever since the Crisis, this team has needed someone with the family emblem she wears; itís about time.

This issue offers an off the rack plot, but itís well executed and crisp. More interesting is the way the generation gap is now front and center again. The Legionís message is one of hope and connection and youthful energy in a repressive, passionless era. It seems their odd values are actually drawing citizens out of their sterile homes and safe web interfaces to public action and risky sociality again, despite themselves. While some of the team are anxious over this new alliance with EarthGov, it isnít in conflict with their long-term goals at all. Theyíve made their point, and now both sides of the gap have a chance to collaborate and innovate together and learn from each other.

Itís funny how times have changed. Once I longed for Superboy to get his dull butt out of the way of all the fascinating characters Grell and Cockrum were dreaming up in the exciting and glamorous future. And he did, as his supporting cast eventually took over his series. But that was thirty years ago, and now Iím pleased to welcome back a member of the El family to the fold. Sheís provided the spark, at least in this issue, to ignite a moribund title and inspire different sorts of stories for their second year.

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