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Incredible Hulk #93

Posted: Thursday, March 30, 2006
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Greg Pak or Daniel Way?
Artist: Carlo Pagulayan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Part Two of "Exile" of the 14 issue "Planet Hulk"

Comments: I think if the old and grey incredible Hulk was able to read “Planet Hulk," he would definitely like it because so far the story has no Dr. Banner. “Hulk hates Banner. Banner weak.”

And weakness on this mysterious planet Sakaar you can do without. Hulk is the strongest there is! Yeah that may be true on Earth, but on this planet?

Issue #93 almost reads like a science-fiction story that goes off course with our smashing green friend in the lead. Something like Attack of the Clones meets World Wrestling Federation meet Gladiator. No soft "feel the force" stuff, but the force of Hulk’s fists.

There is a small mystery as to who wrote this issue. The cover boasts Greg Pak, but the interior credits list Daniel Way. A mistake? Not very nice for the writer, but for now we leave it at that.

Hulk has entered a training pit for gladiators called Maw, where a lava monster is giving the fighters a bad time. This issue by the way is full with action. Hulk has to fight to stay alive to become one of the seven chosen ones. Twenty two enter the fighting scene. Only seven will survive!

Hulk fights “Korg,” a creature who could be confused for The Thing's freak brother. The story has a lot of potential, but there are too many characters to become familiar with. The characters will eventually grow on us, I hope, because "Planet Hulk" will run for over a year. Now though the story somewhat chaotic because of the multiple unfamiliar characters, and you have to shift to higher gear to keep up. In my mind it would have been better to begin the story somewhat smaller in order to get to know the characters. But space-operas tend to throw you in front of the lions, or in this case, insects.

I want to pay notice to the power of some great lettering. Randy Gentile does a fine job with the different species, which helps to get in the mood of things. Hulk’s new friend Miek is especially fun to read out loud and try to imitate an insect. The coloring of the fire scenes by Chris Sotomayor is pretty to look at. I would have like to have seen some more shadows in the panels, because without it the scenes are very open and not so mysterious as it could have been. And I hope they will draw/ink Hulk’s scare a lot better, because this is a nice twist on the Hulk.

As a single issue this is jam-packed, which will probably work better in TPB format.

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