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G.I. Joe vs. Transformers: The Art of War #1

Posted: Monday, April 3, 2006
By: John Hays

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Joe Ng

Publisher: Devil's Due

Transformers being used as government spare parts? An android with the name of Serpent O.R. that calls Megatron father? This and much more await readers in the first issue of the latest G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover. While the Joes attempt to give some Transformer robots to their celestial friends, Cobra attacks in an attempt to gain a valuable weapon deep within the military compound.

This wasnít bad. It would have been a bit more interesting with more backstory to the previous minis, since I hadnít read them and therefore felt that I was missing something coming into this issue. Why is Megatron a slag heap? Since when is Serpentor an android, and why is he bowing before Megatron? Are these questions that are meant to be asked now and will be revealed in this storyline, or are they questions answered in previous minis? I enjoyed certain moments, such as when the Cobra units combined to form a giant Transformer construct, and when Serpentor put on the armor that made him look a bit more like I am familiar with.

The art was pretty good. It definitely provided the feel of the old cartoons, but with more punch to the color as is getting to be the standard these days. The style is similar to the new G.I. Joe Sigma 6 comic.

Overall, Iíd say this is a good start to a promising storyline. I do hope, however, that the mysteries found in this issue are explained at some point, and not simply due to lack of retelling previous minis.

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