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Big Max Comics

Posted: Monday, April 3, 2006
By: Jim Miers

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: James Fry

Publisher: Mr. Comics

If you donít like The Tick, Red vs. Blue or Stykman , you should just pass right on by because youíre just not going to like Big Max at all!

Cut from the same cloth as The Tick, Big Max is a super powered gorilla mix of Superman and Captain America who has a crush on a very seductively (substitute in hooker-like) dressed and, of course, blonde news reporter named Annie Fries (I would guess sheís named Fries because of all that shaking going on, but maybe Iím reading too much into this). His sidekick is an organ grinder monkey named Shakes who appears to be a normal monkey until exposed to Darwinium (think Kryptonite), which reverses the IQ of Max and Shakes. The town news rag is entitled "The Spectacle" and features an editor almost identical to JJJameson. Weíve got an old Bruce Wayne-ish mentor named Old Glory or OG (again, Superman draped in patriotic Captain America-type garb) who coaches old Max through his fights with the bad guys in the Liberty Dome (which is appropriately cracked). Max runs a gorilla-gram company, and his disguise is just a latex human mask with glasses.

I wonít completely go into the plot because itís just so funny to read it, but I will say thisÖI liked the rejected cover (thereís a sketchbook in the back of this issue) that has Max holding a super mime whoís been vanquished and he says, ďI thought I told you to shut up.Ē It was rejected, but I love it because of the irony and the near universal dislike of mimes!

I would certainly buy this for my kids, and I would certainly watch it if they made a cartoon out of it, and I would buy a CD-based version of the comic, and I might buy the TPB if/when one becomes available, but I donít think I would buy this title for myself. Thatís not to say itís not a well-written and illustrated comic, but Iíve got a pretty specific palette for my comic-buying dollars.

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