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Redeye #5

Posted: Monday, April 10, 2006
By: Kelvin Green

Editor: Barry Renshaw

Publisher: Accent UK

Everything I said about Redeye in my previous review is still true; it remains a densely packed, well-designed, informative and entertaining journal of the British comics industry, and I have a great time reading every issue. However, this installment isn't as strong as previous releases, as some of the magazine's usual insightful articles have been replaced with well written but frankly uninspiring reports from various conventions and gatherings. While I can see the benefit of these pieces, particularly the status report of the ongoing Comics Nation event, I would much rather have seen more articles of the sort featured elsewhere in the issue. Of those, the highlights are a very interesting interview with the editor of seminal sci-fi anthology 2000AD, an insightful and well-researched look at Alan Moore's work for that same comic, and a fascinating chat with Antony Johnston, a British creator still near the beginning of an illustrious comics career. And almost every page highlights at least one must-read title that would be overlooked in Wizard or Comics International, which alone is an invaluable feature for the comics enthusiast.

Not the strongest issue, then, but this remains an essential purchase for those with an interest in independent comics, particularly those from Britain.

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