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The Pact #4

Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Jason Howard
Publisher: Image Comics

Four teenage heroes in the Image Universe join together as The Pact to fight menaces no one of them could fight alone. Firebreather calls on Invincible, the new Shadowhawk, and Zephyr from Noble Causes to fight Lava Men in a Colorado town. Also included are ďPact Babies,Ē activity pages, and public service messages.

You know, thereís a difference between fun and light-hearted and just plain silly. Keith Giffen knows the difference. Stan Lee knew it, even if it wasnít always clear. Kirkman seems to go both ways in this book. On one hand, Firebreather gets good advice for the wrong reasons, the villain thanks the hero for kicking his ass, and Shadowhawk sounds crazy. On the other hand, the PSAís are well-worn jokes, the activity pages canít be solved, and Zephyr pisses off her mom in the most obvious way. Itís a pretty mediocre affair with a couple of odd twists.

What really sinks this issue is the art. Itís terrible! This looks like a cheap rip-off of a superhero cartoon. I looked up Josh Howard on the Ďnet and was reminded he was responsible for Dead@17. Well, that explains it. He went from poorly copying Batman: The Animated Series to awkwardly copying Justice League Unlimited. As bad as that sounds, itís actually an improvement.

Iím trying to think of the intended audience for this series. Shadowhawk and Noble Causes have violent and sexual content meant for teens. So this book is too young for those readers. Maybe fans of Invincible would like it if it had any of that seriesí character-driven drama. And there are no Firebreather readers since that book hasnít been published in months.

So itís a boring story with stupid jokes in a cheap style with no audience appeal. I could hate this book outright if I didnít get it for free.

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