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Daredevil #84

Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Michael Lark (p), Stefano Gaudiano (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Matt begins terrorizing the inmates and guards at Rykers to learn who ordered the hit on Foggy Nelson. Meanwhile, Ben Urich and Dakota North have a lead on the ďnewĒ Daredevil: an old employee of Wilson Fisk. Fisk comes back into the prisonís general population. Good thing Daredevilís getting a new ally behind bars.

Thereís a short list of people who could do gritty prison drama in a comic book. Brubakerís near the top. Reading his story for the last three months is such a change from Bendisí style. The sentences are shorter, dialogue is more natural and personal, and thereís a greater sense of tension. Murdock is descending into violence and anger. He doesnít care about anything except revenge. Heís fully become what Bendis said he was: the asshole of his own story. Lark and Gaudiano draw a dark, bleak world for the book. Their work lacks the photo-realistic look of Alex Maleev. Instead, it has a life and motion often lacking in Maleevís work. This results in the violence being more brutal than weíve seen in years.

Iím not saying this team is better than Bendis and Maleev. Iím saying their style is better suited to this story. Itís a good, different style, and I hope to see them on the book for a long time to come.

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