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Liberty Girl #0

Posted: Friday, May 5, 2006
By: Judson Miers

Writer: Dennis Mallonee
Artists: Daerick Gross and Jeff Brennan

Publisher: Heroic Publishing

Editor's Note: Liberty Girl #0 can be obtained on Free Comic Book Day 2006 at participating retailers.

After 50 years of absence, a star-spangled female flies onto the scene of a bank robbery. After a brief introduction with the surrounding police, she enters the bank to confront the criminals. After the inevitable somewhat peaceful resolution, she gives a message to one of the police officers and then flies away.

(One critique that I just can't let go even though it would seem pretty trivial to most...snipers don't use their second finger to pull the trigger and they don't have manicured nails. I know it's small, but growing up around enough spec ops guys like I did, I just couldn't let that go.)

After the introductory story, Liberty Girl goes through a brief rundown of her powers, some advertisements, and a bonus story about Flare.

If Liberty Girl's story sounds much like that of Captain America, you'd be correct. She's sort of a throw-back to the old-fashioned heroes and heroines who weren't afraid to be symbols of goodness and virtue. I don't know if she'll be a financial success, but it's refreshing to see some of the good clean fun come back into comics instead of the profit-driven, focus group tweaked stories and characters.

Liberty Girlís artwork is clean and colorful without the vulgarity. While the artists try to show off her beautiful physique, itís certainly not the typical nude supermodel painted with a costume type of artwork thatís so common today. All in all, a cleanly illustrated story without the garbageÖ

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