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Justice League Unlimited #21

Posted: Friday, May 5, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Stormy Weather"

Writer: Adam Beechen
Artists: Carlo Barbieri(p), Jesse Delperdang(i), Heroic Age(c)
Publisher: DC

There's quite a bit to like about this issue of Justice League Unlimited. The story pits two pairs of heroic couples against a villainous duet. The story also answers the question in a triangle that developed on the series.

Beechen reminds readers of the rock solid relationship of Green Arrow and Black Canary. His portrayal of the likeable pair makes one forget about the cheating jackass that Green Arrow became and the man-eating Canary that quickly followed her gutting and rape by the oh-so-powerful pudgy man with a knife in the dreadful Longbow Hunters.

The Green Arrow in Justice League Unlimited is devoted to his ladybird, and she to him. The Arrow acts savvier to the feelings of others as opposed to just himself, and he's even using the trick arrows. That the Canary and Arrow operate this issue in Star City completes the picture.

John Stewart and Vixen comprise the second couple. John was involved with Shayera in the original Justice League seasons, but her betrayal of the League on behalf of Thanagar in "Starcrossed" ended them. Shayera returned to the League, and immediately speculation began on whether or not she would get back together with John. Much however had happened in her absence. John began dating Vixen, and people change.

This issue answers just how much people change, but one shouldn't expect a talking heads book. Instead, be prepared for action, action and more action as Barbieri and Delperdang keep the Canary in gymnastic grace and Vixen in totem-powered coolness. Questions and relationships are reinforced and brokered while the heroes kick ass.

The asses the heroes kick belong to Heatwave and Killer Frost also in a relationship that faces a rocky patch due to Frost allegedly flirting with Captain Cold. Beechen beautifully characterizes these villains as complete selfish egotists. Their tiff causes massive weather damage, but neither of them cares. The heroes put aside their questions and band together for the common good. Justice League Unlimited gives all a super-hero fan that for which he can ask. It is a perfect issue of a damn near perfect series.

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