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Superman #652

Posted: Monday, May 15, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns
Artist: Pete Woods

Publisher: DC

Faster than a speeding bulletÖcheck. More powerful than a locomotiveÖcheck. Able to leap tall buildings in a single boundÖcheck. Do you think Kurt and Geoff are having fun yet?

As Clark starts to feel like his old self, he discovers that he has more support than he had first expected. However, it doesnít take Intergang long to test the Man of Steel, as old and new enemies alike gather together to try to make his comeback a one act play.

Geoff and Kurt are really cranking out a great story here, with surprises around every corner. Who would have expected twenty year old villains such as Bloodsport (although not necessarily the same Bloodsport) and Silver Banshee in the same issue as a reinvention of a great pre-Crisis villain in the Kryptonite Man and an all new very literal Toyman? It WAS a bit disappointing, however, that Hellgramite didnít get more time to shine. Clark is more human here than he has been in ages. With the way he enjoys attempting to regain his various powers, itís very similar to when he first developed them many years ago, with an innocence and sense of fun thatís been absent in recent years. In fact, the serious, often worried Superman of recent time doesnít show up here at all. Itís this type of story that focuses is on the man instead of the super that always end up being the most rewarding.

The art is exceptional, especially the coloring. Supermanís suit jumps off the page with the way the shield is bumped up off the suit, and the expressions clearly convey every feeling, from Clarkís sense of impending danger to Jimmy Olsenís pure joy at Supermanís return. Itís obvious that Pete Woods enjoys being on a Superman title.

I canít recommend this storyline enough. Itís the best Superman ongoing stuff Iíve read in years. I look forward to seeing the payoff.

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