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Moonknight #2

Posted: Monday, May 22, 2006
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Charlie Huston
Artist: David Finch (p), Danny Miki (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Marc Spector want to become Moonknight again

Comments: Any title that has David Finch as its penciller, Iím there. In my 20 years of reading comics I have never read any Moonknight story and frankly I wasnít going to do so, but I really miss Finch's work on New Avengers. So to get my Finch fix I picked up Moonknight, and as I picked up issue 2 I looked at the cover several times. Because itís a sweet one. Well may "sweet" isn't the appropriate word, because the cover is dramatic and grim. I have seen this kind of covers a couple of times with Batman and Spiderman, but the darkness and the pouring rain is captured so brilliantly here, and it brilliantly portraits the Moonknight as a loner.

The story Charlie Huston gives us is flat out drama with a bit of Spawn horror. The pace of the first issue was rather slow and not the best start for a new book. Donít get me wrong: I was intrigued enough to read more issues. I never cancel a book on just one or two issues. I did that with Bruce Jones run on Hulk and ultimately deprived myself of some good stories. Shame on me! But I think Marvel should have combined issues #1 and #2 into one extra-large issue, so Huston would have more breathing room to set up the story.

Huston's structure for issue #2 allows for a David Finch feast. Oh man, the panel build up is top rate and one of the best sequential work I have seen lately. On pages 4 and 5, for instance, each panel contributes to a excellent fight scene. Something we donít see too often anymore. Page 7 with its vertical panels and full moon as a background should be printed as a large poster and not to just hype this book up art wise. Although I'm no doctor or vampire or hematology expert, the blood on that page looks more like Jell-O instead of that sticky substance we need to survive. But I think Finch is doing a hell of a job and Marvel can be really proud of that. He is definitely one of the best artists at Marvel.

We comic readers and fans must give Charlie Huston some more issues to see if he can boost up his stream-of-thought dialogues. The thoughts Marc Spector has are not very strong and in some pages weak. They do not contribute anything extra that Finch hasnít already drawn. Itís like the writer thought, "Letís put in some more words." But I'm still looking forward to the third issue, and when this story arc is done, we will have the opportunity to read all issues in one sitting and I hope the story will make a more powerful impression.

Final Word: Always buy David Finch.

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