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Lions, Tigers and Bears V2 #2

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Mike Bullock
Artists: Jack Lawrence

Publisher: Image Comics

Plot: Ten year old Joey must save The Stuffed Animal Kingdom from the horrible Beasties.

Comments: I had to read issue #2 of Lions, Tigers and Bears several times to forumate an appropriate judgment.

The nice cliff hanger in issue #1 is continued in the cover of issue #2. But thenÖ

Pfff, the story falls on its ass, so to speak. Gone is a nice cliff hanger and gone is the build up of issue #1. The introduction of a new character puts the main characters into the background, and that is a real shame. The reason you read this story is for Joey and his Night Pride gang. But in this issue there is not much development in their characters, itís more getting ready for a trip.

I think Jack Lawrence could be a great animation artist for any major animation studio. And his drawings in Lions, Tigers and Bears are very child friendly and very accessible. No, let me state that differently. His expressions are excellent and give the story a real boost, but I think the printer failed in some pages. They are dark and not like the colours on the other pages. The ink lines are too dark and smeary in some panels. Maybe itís just my copy, but I think not.

The scenes where they fall into the water and are soaked are fun to look at, but I hope the next issue is going to pick up the pace of the story, so I can give it more bullets.

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