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Green Lantern #11

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2006
By: Charles Emmett

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis (p), Marc Campos (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Hal Jordan is convinced that there are more Green Lantern Corps survivors from his attack as Parallax than anyone originally thought, and they are being held in the most remote part of the universe: sector 3601 on a planet apparently controlled by the Manhunters. And when Hal goes to investigate with Guy Gardner, he finds that the Manhunters have a new leader...

Let me start off by saying that this is EXACTLY the type of Green Lantern story that I enjoy reading. Geoff Johns knows his characters so well, their personalities shine through in every aspect of the story. Despite the fact that Hal is supposed to take center stage in this series, Guy really steals this issue. Johns imbues him with fantastic dialogue, as well as his trademarked temper. This is the Guy I want to see more of, not the whiny egotistical Guy we've been getting for some time now. Hal's classic hotheadedness also makes a welcome return as he deliberately ignores the "testy little elves" as Ollie once called them, and sets out to find the captive Lanterns. Also, Johns impressed me with his swift handling of the "barracks" scene showing just what most other Lanterns (including someone who looked a lot like Doomsday) thought of Hal, which is bound to come up again later.

My only real problem with this issue was the reveal at the end. The identity (I won't spoil it here, but the cover to GL #12 sure does) of the Manhunter's new leader had me going "And you are...?" in my best David Spade impression. Though a quick trip to Wikipedia explained a lot (I think) I wish Johns had picked someone more in line with the Green Lantern mythos, instead of a certain Man of Steel. But as far as it stands right now, I'm convinced Geoff can sell condoms to nuns so I'll go with it. Also, a brief interlude in the middle concerning the Global Guardians left me cold, as I didn't know anyone, and it didn't seem to pertain to the plot at hand. Alas, I'm sure it will all make sense five issues down the road.

The entire issue, as well as the series just screams classic Green Lantern. From the story, to the setup, to the dialogue to the setting, it all feels Neo-Silver age in the best way possible. Oh, and I forgot to mention the art is fantastic. Though surely intimidating to the uninitiated, Green Lantern is quickly becoming one of my favorite DC books, which is saying something. Hopefully I'll be enjoying the adventures of Hal Jordan for years to come.

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