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War of the Worlds: Second Wave #3

Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Chee

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Iím giving this such a low score because itís not a complete comic. Itís the third issue of the series, and I just barely understood whatís going on. Apparently, a second invasion of Martians has come to Earth. Didnít they learn from the first army? Are they taking penicillin injections? How can they crawl around without dying from the germs? And are these Martians? They donít look like the aliens from the recent, crappy movie or the classic 1950ís movie. They look more like CíThulhu creatures.

Anyway, thereís a small group of survivors running for their lives. Their leader believed he was abducted by these Martians. The experience scarred him so badly, it ruined his life. Just like Randy Quaid in ID4! So itís funny! They run through the sewers and into a farmhouse. Thatís it. Itís 21 pages of people running away and bickering. And itís not compelling or even very funny. Thereís the typical whiny girl whoís too scared or grossed out by everything to be useful. I swear, if Iím leading a group of survivors through an extinction-level-event, Iím shooting that bitch. Seriously, theyíre just dead weight that hasnít stopped breathing yet. And they always give away the groupís position to the enemy, as seen in this comic. Other characters from central casting include the not-too-bright but loyal right-hand man, and the grieving widow who blames the team leader for her husbandís death. Itís nothing you havenít see done better in The Walking Dead.

Actually, this comes off as a cheap copy of The Walking Dead. The lead hero of this story seems to be a quiet guy thrust into an uncomfortable leadership role, monsters are everywhere, and the basic laws of civilization have collapsed. Itís also in black & white but not drawn as well. This art is too stiff and formal. It lacks style, life and distinction. I donít think Chee has been working long enough to develop his own voice. Neither has the writer. Thereís nothing original in this book, and thereís almost nothing at all.

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