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Action Comics #839

Posted: Tuesday, June 6, 2006
By: Kevin T. Brown

“Up, Up and Away, Part 6: This Looks Like a Job…”

Writers: Kurt Busiek & Geoff Johns
Artist: Renato Guedes

Publisher: DC Comics

This storyline has been a breath of fresh air. Johns & Busiek have crafted an excellent story that essentially re-introduces Superman to the reader and the world of the DCU. Unfortunately, it seems as if we just hit a down turn with this issue. While the story doesn't exactly come to a halt, it does present what's wrong in comics today. What we have here is Part 6 of a story that could have been told in five parts.

What's really good about this issue:
--Superman's flooding memories taking him by surprise.
--The internal dialogue by Superman, to a point.
--The supporting cast of Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and, of course, Lois Lane.
--Superman having to re-learn how to use his powers.
--How Johns & Busiek have the characters interacting with one another.
--The gorgeous artwork by Renato Guedes.

What's not-so-good about this issue:
--The story is really dragging now. As good as it is, there's too much internal dialogue.
--The colors by Guedes. They're a bit too muted. A different colorist providing brighter, more vibrant color would have made a world of difference.
--It seems as if we're pretty much at the same point with Luthor as we were in the first part.
--How many more times are we going to see Clark Kent run out of the Daily Planet?
--Too many scenes that seem to be exactly the same. Superman listening to voices again. Kent thinking back to how he lost his powers again. Etc., Etc., Etc. Didn't we go over a lot of this in the previous five parts?
--As nice as the artwork is, the “raised 'S' shield” on the costume is distracting and definitely out of place in the comic.
--This entire issue reads as if it could have been done in half the amount of pages. It feels very padded.

Overall, a good story, but nowhere near as good as the previous parts. As I stated at the beginning, what we have here is Part 6 of a 5 part story. Johns & Busiek are now streeeeeeeetching things out to fill 8 issues. So with two more parts to go, can we pick up the pace a bit here, guys, please?

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