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Last Planet Standing #3

Posted: Saturday, June 10, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Tom DeFalco & Pat Oliffe
Artists: Pat Oliffe, Scott Koblish (finished art), Avalon's Bob Ro(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Dominus, the brown-nosing herald, of Galactus arrives to boast to the earth the bad news. On the way, he stops by the moon to blow it up:

"It has come to my attention that you have dared to thwart my glorious master..."

Geez, Dominus, if you love Galactus so much, why don't you marry him? Don't worry. I'm sure the Watcher's just fine.

DeFalco segues the destruction of the moon to the arrival of some of our stars the Fantastic Five, who of course are already in the know. The Vision who has become government issue informs the Avengers that they must stay in the Compound and await orders from the President, but when Dominus unleashes the tidal wave on the cover, the Avengers disobey the government's orders and go out to save lives. Yes!

Back at the Baxter Building Reed Richards reveals that Doctor Doom isn't the only brain on earth that concocts contingency plans. Reed has been preparing for Galactus' arrival, but beings that he could not predict intervene and force him to make a decision that may affect the health of not just the earth but the MC2 Universe.

Because of DeFalco's experience and storycrafting skills the story goes down smooth and doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste. Every character gets a chance to shine, and each one's moment on the stage fits their personality. Ben Grimm exhibits his heroism and camaraderie with the Torch. Torch blazes his determination. Spider-Girl displays a measure of guilt perfectly in keeping with her bloodline.

The way the Avengers and the FF tackle the tidal wave called by Dominus beautifully shows the strengths of the Marvel heroes. Their heroes are more cohesive and more willing to combine efforts to stop a threat that dwarfs their powers. Their efforts coordinate in a good plan that mitigates the unimaginable damage that could have resulted from Dominus' tantrum.

Pat Oliffe's and Scott Koblish's artwork captures the mayhem and the emotions of the heroes as they face certain destruction. Yet none of them give up. They fight and fight until the very last panel issues the ominous cliffhanger.

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