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Supernatural Law #1 with a Silver Bullet

Posted: Saturday, June 17, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Batton Lash, Trevor Nielson and Melissa Uran(art assists)
Publisher: Exhibit A

Wow. Supernatural Law, who would have thought another issue would come to the comic book shops. Batton Lash realizing that perhaps the length of time between issues may have led to some forgetfulness of any dangling plot threads, starts anew with this fun mini-series featuring Wolff & Byrd, the Councilors of the Macabre.

Lash daringly opens the book with Corey Wolff, Alanna's sister showing her friend Richie the house as they settle into watch the Dr. Fill show. Lash is indeed satirizing and caricaturizing Oprah's chum. Fill's topic of the day "Werewolves and the Women Who Love Them."

Lash sets up a simple to comprehend tearjerker at Dr. Fill's soundstage, but he throws more complexity into the mix with cuts to Mavis who has a different opinion of the woman in question. Lash dubs the werewolf Lawrence T, and though in shadow you can clearly note the features seen through a cartoon lens of the actor most associated with the Wolfman, Lon Chaney Jr.

Where are Wolff & Byrd during this entire hullabaloo? Why in the flashbacks and clips shown by Dr. Fill. Currently they're off representing another case, which features as a self-contained short short toward the end of the book, but "due to unexpected technical difficulties"--a written sleight of hand by Lash--they'll soon be consulting for the hapless werewolf.

Fun, unpredictable, funny and with sharp, sharp satire Supernatural Law has lost none of its bite, and while it might be number one with a silver bullet, it earns five.

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