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Green Arrow #63

Posted: Monday, June 19, 2006
By: Kevin T. Brown

“Wild, Part One: Busted”

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Scott McDaniel (p) & Andy Owens (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

When Judd Winick first took over Green Arrow, it started over quite well before delving into a huge mess. Artistically, it was in shambles when Phil Hester left, and the stories just stuck. Green Arrow desperately needed a shot in the arm if it was going to avoid cancellation. "One Year Later" was the shot it needed. Well, that and Scott McDaniel as well. Four issues into the OYL event and GA has so far been one of the successes. This title has really taken a left turn for the better.

I'm really enjoying how Winick is structuring this book now. It's a delicate balance between the political side and the heroic side. So far, Winick has yet to infuse this comic with his own extreme “soap box” stances, which is one reason why this title is succeeding. He's also playing on Ollie Queen's strengths as a leader, in costume and out. Ollie's a “my way or the highway” type of person. So what if he steps on someone's toes along the way? I also like how Winick has broken down the issue in “three parts.” It's a very tight and well written story.

Last issue ended with GA getting the best of Slade Wilson, Deathstroke. And this issue begins with how things inevitably end up. Surprisingly, Wilson just surrenders and is taken into custody. Not exactly how GA truly wanted it to be, but Wilson is out of commission…. For now. Wilson went down too easily. Ollie knows this and isn't too happy with it and is probably already preparing for Wilson's next move.

Also this issue raises some questions as to just how rich Ollie might be and how he managed to amass such a fortune. The biggest question being, did Ollie skirt the lines of legality in manipulating stocks and a market crash? Obviously much more to that story. And it's also the part of the story that I'm very interested in discovering.

The final “part” is what's going on in “the Glades": the section of Star City that is literally walled off from the rest of the city, surrounded by a trench, that quickly filled with water, thereby creating a mosquito habitat and very swamp-like atmosphere. It's also an area of the city being patrolled by former Green Arrow villain and now “Glades” protector Danny “Brick” Brickwell. He's also there at GA's request in an attempt to clean things up, a situation that has now become even more difficult with the apparent addition of zombie-like creatures. Life's never easy in Star City one year later….

Probably the main reason this book has gotten better is the addition of McDaniel & Owens as the art team. They just have that ability to infuse a nice energy in whatever they draw. Whether it's two people just talking or all-out action, and most of this issue deals with two people talking. Ollie and Wilson, Ollie and Mayoral assistant Tuckman, or Ollie and Brick. Albeit the “talking” with Brick is during a fight scene. But McDaniel & Owens just tie it all together nicely, putting forth a very strong effort and keeping the reader interested.

This title is on very solid footing now. Winick seems to have found his niche and is keeping things interesting without going too far over the top. It also helps to have such a strong art team. I like the direction this title is heading now. It's quite possibly one of DC's stronger titles now because its taking chances. Green Arrow is a book that everyone should be taking a long look at, they will not be disappointed.

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