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52 #7

Posted: Friday, June 23, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Ken Lashley; Dan Jurgens (p), Art Thibert (i) (Backup feature)

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Animal Man, Starfire, and Adam Strange are still trapped on a mysterious planet…but what are they doing about it? Montoya gets in touch with an old acquaintance whose name should be familiar to long time readers, even if her attitude isn’t. A couple of old JLI buddies reunite in a less than spectacular way, and we get to see more of the history of the DCU…after the Crisis!

The Heroes: Starfire…once again, I’ll just mark out for Starfire. I definitely wouldn’t mind being stuck on some paradise planet with someone that beautiful who just wanted to enjoy it! Can I at least have two weeks of that sometime soon?

Ralph Dibney, human race…While I’m a bit surprised that it’s taken Ralph this long to think about the time travel option, I’m glad he’s gotten around to it! You would think that a guy who’s classically been best friends with the Flash would be all about trying to go back in time to save his wife. One of my first reactions after reading Identity Crisis was that if there were any chance of this bringing about a more focused, more determined detective Ralph Dibney, then Batman could have some competition in the DC detective arena… or at least a strong ally. It appears that that is quite possibly going to be the case with the way things are going for Ralph right now. I just hope that he isn’t a one trick pony, and that this determination continues on into whatever series he ends up in after 52 (since it would be a crying shame not to use him somewhere after this).

Skeets… I’d love to have this little guy as my personal agent! He totally ignores others when they are trying to talk to him, instead focusing on getting the word out about how great Booster is. Talk about focus! Talk about commitment! Now if we could only get him fixed so that he knows the future again! Or is that the past?

A few reviews I’ve been reading have been giving Lashley a hard time with his art in this issue, but I enjoyed it. Sure, the eyes on Animal Man and Ralph Dibney were a tad dark, a feature that probably should have been reserved for Adam Strange since he’s apparently blind now, but overall the characters’ emotions were evident, and the art wasn’t hard to look at in any way. I thought it played well with the tone of this particular issue.

History of the DC Universe…I have to admit, it was better this week. It FINALLY moved past the Crisis, and moved on to Zero Hour, a very controversial storyline for DC. Many are upset that Barry Allen was written in as the Flash in this bit of history instead of Wally West. I’ll leave it for DC to let us know if that was a mistake or a retcon. If the former, I have to say that it’s a huge irony that DC would decide to write a story about the history of the DCU, only to get that history wrong. If it is the latter, then that creates VERY large gaps in Wally’s history that will need to be filled in with future stories.

The Villains: Adam Strange… you just have to go and ruin all Starfire’s fun! Yeah, yeah, there are probably alien life forms that want to kill you all, but come on! Enjoy the free time a bit! Live it up! You’ve got plenty of time later to handle all of the serious stuff.

Montoya… get over yourself already. This was one of the stories I was most interested in after the first issue, but it’s just dragging and dragging and dragging. How about LESS Montoya, and more Question? He’s the only thing keeping this storyline afloat, and he hasn’t even been seen in the past few weeks! Oh, and by the way, are there any women in town Montoya HASN’T slept with? I’ll just go ahead and stick my opinion of Kate Kane in here as well, since she’s not even deserving of her own paragraph. She’s a complete non-character so far, so it will take a lot of work to make her interesting, MUCH less make her a character worth mentioning in the mass media, as DC seems to be doing lately.

Booster Gold …such…a…prick! I understand that having this guy from the future who just wants to be famous was Booster’s original concept years ago, and that works well within the framework of this series, but are we EVER going to see the Booster that’s evolved over the past twenty years? Has THAT Booster just been COMPLETELY tossed out the window? I’m still holding out the smallest hope that some odd time travel issue is happening here, and our Booster is trapped somewhere else.

The Resolution: Will we learn more about that massive creature that Starfire’s oblivious to??

Will Ralph learn more about the secret cult… and get his clothes back??

Will anyone actually care about Kate Kane or where that story is going??

Will Booster get a clue and somehow return to his old self, or will the last twenty years of character development be completely ignored??

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments of… 52!!

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